Wednesday, September 7, 2016

After School Programs and Procedures

After School Programs begin the week of September 11th. All programs begin immediately after school and end at 4:15. It is very important that your child communicates with you about their plans for after school.

Our after school week looks like this:

Monday: Club Day – Students may stay for various clubs including art, chess, dance, band, robotics, book club and many more.

Tuesday: Learning Lab and Tutoring – students stay for extra help learning concepts they just couldn’t fully understand during the day. The students are either asked to stay by their teacher, or the student asks the teacher if they can stay to get help on a particular concept.

Wednesday: No After School Activities

Thursday:  Learning Lab and Tutoring – students stay for extra help learning concepts they just couldn’t fully understand during the day. The students are either asked to stay by their teacher, or the student asks the teacher if they can stay to get help on a particular concept.

Friday: No After School Activities

After School Procedures

****Your child lets you know they are staying after school.

****Communicate ahead of time how your child is getting home (Bus/Parent Pickup/Bus because you are late)  *The SBISD phone system automatically goes to voicemail after 4:00***

**** 4:15 Dismissal at front of school
a.       Parent Pick Up students loaded into cars 4:15 – 4:25
b.      All Remaining students loaded onto buses at 4:25
c.       Buses deliver students to closest elementary school to home leaving at 4:30 (share with your child ahead of time what elementary school they are to meet you – we put them on the bus based on the elementary school they say they are going to).

**** It is important to note that no students will be left at CSA after 4:30. If you planned on picking them up but were delayed, they will be on a bus delivered to the nearest elementary school to their home or a predetermined elementary school that you have discussed with your child. TALK TO YOUR CHILD NOW AND DETERMINE WHAT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL THEY WILL GO TO IF THEY ARE ON A BUS BECAUSE YOU ARE RUNNING LATE.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beginning of Year Information

The East Transition Campus: Wow, two years and we are going home. We are officially back at 9016 Westview in the new building. Only the office has a permit for temporary occupancy but at least we are back in our building. We feel like we are in the movie "Money Pit" with all the contractors working on the building. Our offices are open to drop off paperwork for incoming students.

Start of Year Dates:
Monday, August 21st --- First Day of School
Wednesday, August 23rd --- CESIT Sign Up
Tuesday, September 12th --- After School Tutorials and Learning Lab Begins
Tuesday, September 19th --- Open House

Back to School Social: Thursday, August 17th. Come see the campus, get your child's schedule, check out the bus routes, join the PTA, purchase spirit wear, and join the PTA. You kids will enjoy getting to see their friends again. Parking will be behind the school and on the east side of campus by the Grob field. You will need to be ready to walk. Teachers will have your child's schedule at the times listed below.
  • 6th Grade is 5:00 to 5:30 (Teachers Available with Student Schedules)
  • 7th Grade is 5:30 to 6:00 (Teachers Available with Student Schedules)
  • 8th Grade is 6:00 to 6:30 (Teachers Available with Student Schedules)

First Day of School: Your child does not need to bring anything to school on the first day, including a lunch unless they do not like hotdogs. The PTA provides hotdogs, chips, water, and icecream for the kids. The kids will be participating in fun (and sometimes sloppy) activities all day.

First Day Packet: Most of us are professionals at the first day packet. It is important to jump right on those forms and get them turned in as soon as possible. Check your child's backpack everyday to make sure they turned in all your hard work. You may fill out the SBISD information online through Family Access. It only took me about 15 minutes and you can do this for all of your children. You do not need to print anything out this year.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up: A map of our new parent/bus drive is located on our home page. As always, practice patience while in parent drive. To limit opportunities for someone to get hurt and to protect the instruction at the end of the day, no early pick ups are allowed after 2:45.

Volunteer Registration: It is mandatory to get cleared through SBISD before you can volunteer on any SBISD campus. Information and the registration link can be found at:

Getting Information: We offer many different avenues to get information about CSA. The first and most important avenue is your child. The teachers will provide your child with the most up to date information on assignments, field trips, class projects etc. We also offer the following:

  • E-Blast: This is the PTA weekly newsletter keeping you up to date on CSA events. Sign up using this Link or going to our CSA home page.

  • CSA Home Page: I keep this up to date as much as possible without inundating you with too much worthless information. Links to district resources, teacher web pages, PTA web pages etc can be found through our home page.

  • Jill's Remind Text Out: Occasionally, Jill will text out information like late buses, quick reminders, or just a fun item on a whim. To receive texts from Jill, please do the following: Text to: 81010   Your message will be: @cornerst

  • Weekly Updates from Team Teachers: Once the teachers have gathered your email addresses, they will send out a weekly summary of what is going on in the classroom. This is great to use as a conversation starter with your child about their learning at school.

  • School Messenger Call Out: Occasionally, Bill will send call outs using the SBISD District call out program. He tries not to use it too much because it can get a little overbearing as a parent with multiple kids in the district.

Monday, June 8, 2015

CSA - Incoming 6th Graders

First of all, congratulations and welcome to Cornerstone. We are not your average middle school and that has a lot to do with the excellence you bring to CSA. Treating yourself and others with respect and dignity is an absolute at CSA.  We look forward to seeing you at Cougar Camp, the Back to School Social, and of course the first day of school.

Here are a few upcoming dates.

Cougar Camp: Thursday, August 17th. We meet on campus beginning at 9:00 for check in and tours. We then drive off to Splashway Water Park and return at 5:00.

Back to School Social: Thursday, August 17th. 6th Grade is from 5:00 to 5:30. You will meet teachers, pick up your schedule, check out bus routes, and check out various PTA functions.

First Day of School: Monday, August 21st. You will come through the front door (Parent Drive) or cafeteria (Bus) and hang out in the cafeteria and courtyard. We will then all meet in the auditorium when the bells rings at 7:35. Once in the auditorium, we will share a few items and then call you by class to follow your teacher to your brand new classroom. The day (and the next day) will be filled with fun activities including checking out the solar eclipse. You do not need anything on this day. The PTA is proving a hot dog lunch for all the kids and staff.You are more than welcome to bring your own lunch if you like.


Thursday, April 23, 2015


Most of the SBEC campus has been torn down to make way for new construction. AOC and CSA are located at the Edgewood Transition Campus for 18 months while new buildings are constructed. Both AOC and CSA will have their own stand-alone two story buildings while enjoying beautiful landscaping and design. We will share a new cafeteria. The auditorium, gyms, and DAEP building will remain. The current SBEC library will be turned into an SBISD History Museum. All organizations will have their own dedicated entrances secured with a "Buzz-In" system. We are scheduled to be back to a new building during the Winter Break of the 2016-2017 school year.

Blueprints of the proposed new construction can be found in our front office.

Due to weather and construction delays (i.e. finding septic tanks underground we didn't know about) we may not get into our building until the summer of 2017.

Jill and I completed a walk through of the building (9/2016) and it is looking fantastic. The windows overlooking the courtyard let in an amazing amount of light. The drywall is being put into place in the main two buildings (AOC and CSA). We are hoping that we can at least have graduation and the Spring Performances in the new building. Cross your fingers that we get the occupation permits by the Spring.

We just completed another walk though of the building and it is still awesome (12/2016). The cabinets are being installed and the rooms look like actual rooms. There are three elevators with one being in the AOC building, one in the CSA building, and one between the SBISD Museum and the auditorium. This elevator will have two doors with one door opening to the museum and the other door opening to the auditorium balcony. The courtyard between AOC and CSA is huge and will be a great place for the kids to hang out. A few of the trees were left right in the middle of the courtyard.

April 2017 - We are almost there and building/grounds are looking fantastic. We will be allowed temporary occupancy to allow teachers to unpack their rooms at the end of the year for one week. At this point, we do not have permission to use the building for any other purposes including tours :(

Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Kenny, Miss Grunder, Miss Flynn, Mrs.Sanchez, Miss Rivera, Miss Heinzman, and Mr. Gregg are missing their rooms :( as of August 14, 2015.

This is the visible with Hall A mostly demolished. The new CSA will connect to the auditorium.

The Band Hall and rest of Hall A are now gone...10-15-15...

Foundation poured, sewer lines in place, concrete drive in back and now the
framing has started...12-17-15

AOC steel framing complete. Now onto the CSA steel framing and elevator shafts...1/8/16

AOC Building Looking Awesome...5/16/2016
The halls are empty now...but just wait a few months...5/16/2016

Those upstair windows are fantastic...7/7/2016

The halls now have drywall which means the electrical and plumbing passed their inspections 9/8/16

Rooms are all dry walled. You know we would have them painted already if it was a CESIT Class.

The new front office. Westview is right out the windows on the right. 12/13/16

The new auditorium seats are in this container :) 12/13/16

A couple pictures of the huge courtyard between the two main buildings. (1/3/17)

This is the front entrance on Westview. The auditorium is waaaaaay down yonder and the beginning of parent drive begins by the tax office. (1/3/17)

Courtyard Picture between the two main AOC and CSA buildings (March 2017) 

The front of our building facing Westview (June 2017)

Only the offices have a temporary occupancy permit. All our stuff is in the gym (June 2017)

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